Snakes and ladders


You can trust the snakes but don’t trust the ladders – you might fall through them! (:

My Mum, Dad and I, with some climbers, went to some slate quarries in North Wales.

The starting cave.

We started in Dali’s hole then we moved on to California, we then climbed up a chain – a very rusty chain – up to a tunnel that popped out back in Dali’s hole.

Me climbing the big rusty chain.

We had to search for a secret tunnel that took us to Tasmania. We then climbed up a series of rusty ladders up to a old miners hut which we then had to abseil down a cliff then climb down some more rusty ladders down to the Lost world which we explored.

The Lost World.

We found two tunnels one led to Mordor the other led to certain doom. We found the one going to Mordor where there was some really dodgy ladders that went up to Twll mawr  where we climbed up some more rusty ladders avoided the bridge of doom and walked to the car.

Some of the rungs on the ladders were: missing, replaced with old manky rope, rusted to the core – so there would only be a tiny piece of rusted metal, bent, or cracked. Even the entire ladder would be really wobbly!

Mordor with the ladders of doom.

My favourite part was the Lost world my least favourite bit was the ladders in Mordor.


About caspianfyr

I am 10 years old. I enjoy walking outside in the mountains. I like climbing. I like fine food. I love computer games. Here I am going to tell you about stuff to do with these things.

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  1. That all sounds very scary but exciting at the same time! There are some brilliant names for the places you went through along the way… 😉

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