Climbing in France


I went climbing on some limestone in France in L’Arige it is near the Pyrenees the first place we went to climb was called Dreuilhe and I climbed my first lead climb and it was fairly short and easy but once I nearly slipped.

Me climbing a different climb

A lead climb is where you have the rope attached to you and you put in gear, or clip into bolts but if you fall above the bolts you will fall down to where the last bolt or piece of gear is.

The second place I went to was called Roquefixade.

A great view

The climb was a bit tricky and overgrown with a bulging lump of rock at the end, although the rock was quite sticky and had lots of little holes everywhere, also because of the heat climbing was much harder, and I was wearing the wrong size climbing shoe so my toes hurt and that also made it harder to climb. I seconded this climb which means you are on a rope that is connected to a bolt at the top so if you slip you won’t fall very far at all.

Me climbing Roquefixard on the way up.

Me climbing Roquefixard

A cool lizard we found.


About caspianfyr

I am 10 years old. I enjoy walking outside in the mountains. I like climbing. I like fine food. I love computer games. Here I am going to tell you about stuff to do with these things.

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