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Game review – Hamsterz 2


Platform: Nintendo DS

The point of the game is to care and play with your hamsters. There are 200 items to buy for your hamster and 32 treasures. Treasures are things which your hamster will need or love, like clippers and sun flower seeds. There are 4 basic breeds of hamsters: golden, dwarf, . . and 90 different fur colours and patterns.

You can play mini games with them which win them clothing accessories, and competitions which win you money.
I found it ok for a bit, but if I played it for too long it got a bit boring (note: I haven’t got very far in the game.) The hamsters’ reactions are very realistic as well as the hamsters themselves. I thought there were some problems with the cages, for instance I bought 4 hamsters, I put the first hamster in the first cage, then i put two hamsters in the second cage, but when i tried to move the fourth hamster into the third cage the second hamster from the second cage moved to the third cage automatically.

So far I give it 6/10.