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Bellini – restaurant in Liverpool


Bellini is a wonderful place it is an Italian restaurant and all the people who work there are Italian.

This is a crystal ball I liked

Starter – I had some garlic bread and when it came it was a garlic pizza! It was delicious you could taste the garlic but it wasn’t too strong or buttery.

Main – I had a margarita without extra olive oil, no side dishes just a cheese pizza and black pepper, the black pepper was amazing it was strong but not to much, it sort of gave the pizza a fizz. The tomato sauce was also really good you could tell that it wasn’t out of a can or purée it was fresh. They didn’t put on to much cheese it was just right. The base was thin not to crunchy sort of chewy and no burnt bits at all.

After drink – I had an orange chocolate and cinnamon hot chocolate it was gorgeous because it wasn’t a powder it was melted orange chocolate with cinnamon.:)

food 11/10
atmosphere 9/10
service 10/10

overall 10/10

Here is a link to their website


Food review – Pizza Hut Llandudno Junction.


The pizza I ordered was half the cheese, sweet corn and green peppers on a Italian thin crusty base.
It was lovely, the base was crunchy  yet not too crunchy.I had half the cheese because last time I went there and had the full amount of cheese it was too much – very filling. The side salad was very crunchy and sweet – because I had a lot of sweetcorn.

I tasted some vanilla and caramel milk shake from my Dad. My Dad said it was very nice, I disagreed I think it was  too sweet with not enough punch. Overall I would give them 7/10.