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My review on Minecraft


Minecraft is a computer game where you spawn somewhere in a world where you find creatures like cows, sheep and pigs, you also can travel through landscapes; it could be grasslands or forests or maybe somewhere snowy. Basically your mission is to survive in this world. At night monsters spawn, like zombies and skeletons. It is really fun because you can make so much stuff. You need to mine raw materials and then craft stuff out of it including your tools to build things. So if you want to build a life size leaning tower of Pisa you could make it if you had the time and resources. I like the way everything is in cubes. Overall I give it a 10/10. Here’s the link.


My review about French food. (The area I was in was the L’Ariege -It’s near the Pyrenees.)


I am not impressed with their food (I am vegetarian, and it’s a bit hard to find vegetarian food in France except bread and cheese so going out for a meal was very hard since the only vegetarian food in most places is an omelet and I don’t like omelets.) I don’t like any of their cheeses or their brown bread, however their baguettes and their French bread – the crusty long ones – are absolutely scrumptious.