Mountain camping



driving to Eigiau


We went camping for solstice at the side of the Carneddau in Egiau valley and went climbing up a multi-pitch climb.There was me, my Mum and my Dad, Tom Racheal, James and Dave, it took 1 hour to get from the car to where we were camping I was carrying food and water, my Dad took the climbing gear and my Mum took the camping gear. The walk there was tiring because my bag was very heavy.

Can you spot the tents?

When we got there my Mum and Dad set up the tent and as it was dinner time I ate the sandwiches. After the food we walked  up a mighty great alpiny hill to the bottom of the 1000ft climb where my Dad lead the first pitch.

Walking to the bottom of the climb

The name of the climb was Amphitheatre Buttress. We set off last about 7:30pm. The climb was long, well polished and the rock formations were odd.

me climbing the climb


At one pitch it looked like from a certain angle my Dad stuck his foot above his head and pushed up on it, it was fine though when I got to it. However it was a long climb – we were climbing in the dark towards the end, climbing was a lot harder – it was mildly concerning being dark. At the top it started raining  heavily and was very slippery. The way down was covered in scree and basically was horrible  we made it to our tent at 1:00am I was exhausted however it was a great achievement. The next day I walked to the car feeling relieved. Under different conditions I would climb it again.

The mountains in the morning